Women will stand with men in the world of finance : Hemma Guptaa


Mumbai, Ranbir Rohilla. We cannot change someone’s fate, but by giving good inspiration, we can guide someone. God says to be a charioteer if you get a chance in life, not selfish. To be loved and respected in this world. If difficult times come, then you also have to go through that. Regardless of the difficulties, if you keep your mind in the way, then you have to show them flying. Hemma Guptaa, Founder of Women in Finance, has achieved a position in the world of finance with passion for the last 13 years.

Hemma Guptaa, Founder of Women in Finance, says there is no doubt about the fact that India has a long way to go on the gender equality charts, especially when it comes to women in the workforce. We not only rank lowest in the female workforce participation rates among developing countries but the rate has come down from 30 percent in 1990 to about 20.7 percent in 2019. These numbers sadden me; they leave in me so many emotions. And I want to translate this energy into positive outcomes. Like the majority of Indian women, I too grew up in a patriarchal surrounding. When I was in 10th standard, I asked a math question to my teacher which was related to stock markets. One of my friends asked me to leave this question because this is a men’s subject. This statement hit me a lot and when my teacher asked me, in the career counseling sessions, what I want to be, I said ‘Stock Trader’. She then asked why do I want to choose this field and I said because I want to change this statement that this is for men.

After a lot of struggle, I am with my passion for the last 13 years and it has now become my dream to deliver this message to everyone that this field is meant equally for women too. I surveyed some women in Finance to analyze the interest, knowledge, and need for a career in finance among these women. The results proved that these women are naturally skilled in finance. They had a very creative and practical understanding of savings, negotiation skills, and managing expenses but they were unaware of investments, economy, banking system, and how to make a career in finance. We realized that with a little mentorship and some hands-on experience, these Women in Finance can achieve great success in the world of finance and would contribute a lot to making India a developed nation.

After the survey, we knew our mission was to educate them in areas where they are weak, help them build on their strengths, and help them create a livelihood for themselves in finance. We conducted seminars to create awareness and educate these women about loans, banking, and finance, economy, investments, wealth creation, inflation, government schemes, and policies, etc. We have also designed training programs and industry visits to help gain advance and practical knowledge. I honestly believe that if we put consistent and aggressive efforts towards bringing women into finance, the day is not so far away when women would stand tall with men in the world of finance.

Hemma Guptaa
Founder, Women in Finance


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